So my new job has been going pretty well. My co-workers are awesome and I am starting to hit the groove with the technology. So that has put me in a pretty good mood.

On Friday, I got the new Linkin Park CD and I have been playing it all weekend. At first I didn’t like it but now am really into the new sound. I think my favorite track is “Hands Held High”. The lyrics and delivery is absolutely honest. It’s Mike’s best work hands down.

Between listening to Linkin Park tracks this weekend, I saw Juno with some friends. What a great movie. Not only was it funny and had witty dialog, it tackled some of today’s most devisive issues in a thoughtful and realistic manner. Suddenly the simplicity of black and white melts away when you are faced with the human component. I highly recommend the movie.

For those of you who aren’t blind, you’ve probably noticed the giant Obama banner now appearing at the top of my page. I support him but that banner isn’t just there to show that, it’s there to remind everyone to vote. I know I have complained more than my fair share over the past 8 years. Now it’s our chance to make amends. Vote for someone who will restore pride to America.

Finally I have continued to work on the iFuse project in my spare time but the going has been slow and there isn’t much to show for it. Hopefully that will change.

Now off to bed where I can hopefully dodge an oncoming cold.