Sorry to the people who have left comments recently, I didn’t realize that I had to approve the comments.

Well it seems that I have been a slacker in my blog writing. Mostly I feel it’s because not much exciting happens during summer. I usually have a long list of things to accomplish (projects to do and people to see). Each day’s goal is to mark off as many tasks as possible because summer inevitably will end too soon. Therefore most days end up looking very similar, me running around like crazy trying to finish everything.

The reason I haven’t been online for the last week is because I went down to Emerald Isle beach with my family. The beach is on a barrier island in North Carolina south of the Outer Banks (which is the beach to go to for all NOVA people). It was somewhat eerie seeing all of my old stomping grounds from last summer when I worked at Camp Sea Gull. I tried to meet up with some of the people that I knew who still worked there but it didn’t end up working out.

Being farther south it has been much less developed as compared to the Outer Banks (NOVA hasn’t invaded yet). There wasn’t a whole lot there except for the beach, our rental house and a precious few restaurants. I had a good week skimboarding, tanning, watching 24 and reading books. (Sidenote: Da Vinci Code

  • why did everyone read this book? It was nothing special). It was nice to relax without an Internet connection. Pictures below.

However the main reason for this post was last night. Last night was one of the best nights of the summer. I ended up meeting up with some friends of a friend (you know that whole social networking thing, except it’s alot cooler in person than on Orkut). I had a total blast, I can’t even really describe it. As I was driving home I just felt this amazing feeling of happiness about the summer, my friends and my future. I love driving at night when my car fades into the surrounding darkness. Its difficult to describe but I miss the feeling already.