Yesterday was a sad day. My laptop kicked the bucket. When I say kick the bucket, I mean totally, utterly, no-dell-logo-on-boot dead. I called my good friends at the Olin Helpdesk who then referred me to the Dell dreaded support line. After spending some time thinking about it and weighing my options, I purchased a handy-dandy 2.5” external drive enclosure from Microcenter for $12.99. (It’s the first time something has broke over the last three months that was on sale. Although I guess it’s a bad sign that so many things have been breaking.) I then spent the rest of the day raking leaves outside and copying my data over to a computer we had laying around the house.

Thankfully everything finished copying around midnight last night and everything is back to normal today except that it’s on a spare desktop instead of my laptop (thank you Linux, there is no way I could have done that with Windows). Now I will just have to wait until I get back to Olin to get the hardware replaced.

Now on to my rant about Bush’s speech. I think this surge is wrong on so many levels. The first might be that he fired all the military commanders who opposed it. (Dear Mr. Bush (you lost the title of President in one of my previous posts) for future reference if the military commanders oppose a military decision it would be wise to listen to them, we pay them good money to make military decisions).

Then there is the fact that I think that it was wrong to go to Iraq in the first place. Okay I will let that slide as not 100% of the American public agrees. Then there is the fact that Mr. Bush uses saving life as a defense against abortion but seems to forget that saving life doesn’t stop after the fetus is born (oh by maybe not sending them into a warzone). Okay I will let that slide too as most Republicans also seem to forget about life when it comes to capital punishment.

But the absolute last straw is the fact that this is going to cost even more money and nobody seems to know how much. I for one do not intend on sending my entire paycheck to the federal government to pay for social security for the aging baby boomers and interest on past war debts while meanwhile dealing with the effects of global warming (which we are doing absolutely nothing about). Please for the love of God think about the children Mr. Bush. I know you will be old and senile by the time global warming truly kicks in but unfortunately you aren’t the only one who lives here.