Today I started out by looking at what free software existed in the machine vision world. It turns out there is quite alot of software out there which includes many of the basic vision operations. That’s really sweet because that means I don’t need to reinvent the wheel and I can spend my time doing interesting things. However it does seem that there is quite a bit of overlap between the various libraries in functionality which will make it somewhat difficult to choose one over the others.

Another interesting thing that I noted is that the libraries seem to be implemented in a wide variety of languages. I guess that will make it a bit easier as it won’t come down to which language I hate less.

After assuring myself that the most of the core work has been done, I started to think about interesting applications of the technology again. I still haven’t found one thing that really sparks my interest. I am beginning to think that it might make more sense to work on several small projects in different areas to get a more diverse experience.