I finally got the A/D conversion working on my USB device for project class. It was a single line of code that had me stumped for three days. If the code had been properly written in the first place, I would never have had the problem. I really wish that people would learn how to write code if they are going to program for a living.

I have been feeling a bit drained the last few weeks. I have been trying to cut back on my time commitments but it doesn’t seem to be helping enough. I only have two weeks until Thanksgiving break. I just hope that I am able to finish everything that needs to be done before then.

I started to learn C# the other day by writing a small app to track time usage between tasks. The best part of the application is that I will actually use it on a daily basis and it leads itself to be extended in many cool ways (Evo Data Server, XMLRPC, etc..)