So I finally got a computer to replace my aging four year old laptop which had been my main computer since moving to San Francisco (my desktop died a tragic death involving the postal service. I am still waiting for my money). My old laptop was just getting a little bit too slow to be able to handle the side projects that I wanted to work on. So now I have a Dell Vostro 1400 (pictured below), I got it during the Black Friday sales last week so it was a pretty exceptional value. It’s sweet and everything works great in Ubuntu except for the sound. For some reason after hibernating the sound stops working. Go figure. I have a funny feeling it has to do with the sound kernel modules not being correctly unloaded and reloaded.

While my new laptop is shiny (just look at the screen), I have to admit that the real goal of this post was to get mobile photo uploads working from my iPhone. It turns out there is this great wordpress plugin called postie. However, it hasn’t been really kept up to date with the latest releases of wordpress and the last version really broke it. I had resigned myself to fixing this morning but instead I had found someone else already had, I just had to look a little harder.

However I did find one little bug so I will post a link to the latest working version of the source code when I get a chance.