Christmas So I have been using Amazon a lot recently, trying to get some of my Christmas shopping out of the way. While browsing around I found a kitchen sink. Why you would ever order a sink online is beyond me but now you can say Amazon really does have everything.

Apartments We have been looking at apartments in the San Francisco area for next semester. We think that we may have finally found one. It’s furnished, on the fourth floor and has a pretty cool view. It’s been an eye opening experience to go apartment shopping. I almost feel grown up.

GizmoSo if you have ever used Skype, you know how cool it is. Knowing that you should check out Gizmo. Gizmo does pretty much everything Skype does but it allows you to integrate with other networks and accept calls from a normal landline for free. I think its a pretty sweet program and it embraces open standards, what else could you ask for?