Olin is on facebook, we are finally a real school.

Been hearing alot of people stressing about the end of the semester. It is one of the most stressful times of the year but I have never felt like I wouldn’t make it. It made me happy to see the email about the last slideshow alleviating some of it. Hopefully this semester’s slideshow will be as good as the ones before it.

Pop Culture Eminem Back with Ex-Wife. Guess he didn’t really mean those things he said.

Homeland Security (or should I say Homeland Insecurity?) U.S. marshals kill passenger, claimed to have bomb

"The passenger then reached into his carry-on bag, at which point, consistent with air marshal training, the air marshals took the appropriate actions. Shots were fired as the team attempted to subdue the subject," said a Department of Homeland Security spokesman. A law enforcement official said later that "no device has been located at this time."

I am glad that we really are no longer safe in airports because of our police state.

Apparently we torture people now too. You already know what I think.

One more for kicks: Microsoft Loses at Monopoly