So I got a copy of “Robot Vision” that I ordered a week ago. I opened it up and started pursuing the preface and the introduction. It seems pretty well written (not terribly dry, like my other text books) but a bit dated. The copy I got was published in 1986. I think many of the concepts still apply but alot has changed in 20 years. I scanned the remaining chapters in the book to get a feel for what was included within the scope of the book. One interesting thing that I noted while scanning, is that there is alot of math utilized throughout the book and I might need to brush up a bit. From my reading, the author makes it quite clear that an indepth understanding in optics and how images are recorded is a prequisite to working with machine vision. Therefore I plan to proceed by reading the first chapter, rereading it and then working some of the practice problems until I have a firm grasp of the material. Today I also put some work into further developing the algorithm to track the symbol from the last post. I plan on scaling that aspect of my OSS back until I have  a good grasp on the material presented in the book.