That’s right, take that Patriot act.

The US Senate on Friday blocked a final vote on renewal of the Patriot Act as senators reacted harshly to reports that President George W. Bush had authorised secret domestic surveillance of US citizens by US foreign intelligence agencies. The failure could mean that the act, which was passed after the attacks of September 11 2001 to give US law enforcement new powers to investigate suspected terrorists and disrupt terrorist plots, will lapse at the end this year. Friday's vote, combined with the successful effort by Republican senator John McCain to bar future mistreatment of detainees held by the US in the war on terrorism, marks an aggressive reassertion of congressional power against the expansive claims of executive power championed by Mr Bush and Dick Cheney, vice-president. [Full Story](

Its not completely defeated so if you are in a propaganda posting mood, go post these: (thumbnails below)

Also we finally decided that torture is bad. Maybe we can still get this country turned around.