Wow it’s been quite a while since I last posted, over a week. Things have been even more intense here this past week.

Last Sunday we went on an adventure to build desks. After much walking, a cab ride and several hours of work we had two nice desks to use (pictured below).

Thursday’s Y-Combinator meeting was amazing. Joe Kraus (founder of both Excite and JotSpot) came and talked about the things he would have done differently in his startups. The points that he made were incredibly insightful. When I woke up this morning I found that he was mentioned in a new Wired article that suggests another boom is coming. Maybe I won’t miss this one :).

On top of a pretty good week, today was spectacular. We went and presented at the e27 conference at Stanford. We met many interesting people and received a few mentions in the blogsphere.

Flagr on Scroblizer (Picture of Us)

Flagr on techcrunch

Flagr on - Apparently I am now Dave (Update: the photo is now captioned correctly.)

To celebrate we went to Johnny Rockets and got some milkshakes. Now its back to work.