So I have been really bad about updating recently. So this post is an attempt to catch up on everything.

As for school, I finished up and graduated. The odd thing is that I took more credits this past semester than ever before and I also wound up with a GPA higher than ever before. Go figure. (A similar thing happened in high school, I guess the stress drives me to excel. Then again it could have been sympathy grading by the professors. I will never know and am thankful for that.) It was nice to have family, alumni and friends in town for the ceremony but it all passed too quickly. I never really got a chance to say goodbye to everyone. So to those I didn’t say a proper goodbye to I’m sorry and I hope our paths will cross again soon. So, Graduation - check.

After graduation I had to pack up everything into two cars and then drive 8 hours south to Virginia (after getting up at 5am to make an airport run). The drive was pretty uneventful and much easier than usual since my brother drove half of the time. As I was driving home I was realizing that it was the end of a phase of my life. No more domino’s pizza at 3am with six guys. No more silly party themes. But that also means no more work on the weekends! So I managed to make it home carry all my stuff out of my car and then collapse.

Over the next 7 days I (in no particular order)

  • repaired everything that was wrong with my car
  • got it inspected
  • sorted through all of my stuff in the house
  • sold a bike and a minidisc deck on craigslist
  • planned my trip to europe
  • wrote thank you notes
  • synced my laptop and desktop
  • cut two yards of grass
  • hung out with high school friends
  • saw Pirates of the Carribean
  • saw the Lost finale and the Hereos finale
  • got rid of my Olin email account
  • got over my cold from graduation
  • balanced my financial accounts
  • ran
  • slept

Now I feel like I can finally relax. There are a few things left on the todo list (sell my car and pack for Europe) but I am pretty much waiting on things to happen before I can do anything else. This is the first time that I have had free time in a long time and it’s nice.

Also for those who don’t know I will be in Europe from June 3-25. So if I don’t answer email that’s why.