I made it home after a lengthy drive home from Massachusettes. I have been mostly tying up loose ends. My car is happy to be paid attention to once again. My computer is also happy that all the things I had been putting off are finally recieving attention. Now that I can figure out things I feel much more satisified rather than continuing to push things off farther into the future.

Earlier this week an unexpected chain of events was set in motion such that I got the job as a sailing instructor in North Carolina. I really had not expected to recieve the job after falling out of contact with the camp. However upon my call once I got home things took a complete 180 and I am going on May 30th. I will be gone for ten weeks which is kind of unfortunate in that I will not be able to see college friends, high school friends, family or Lara until August. However I think this job is too good to pass up. Every other summer I have spent hanging around my computer with a few brief moments of coolness. However this is ten weeks of sailing and the coast.

That also means a lack of work will occur on Coaster during this period. I will see what I can pull together before I leave so that the guys have something to work off of.

It is getting late and I think I will turn in now so that I am refreshed tomorrow morning. I think I am starting to recover from my sleep deprivation earlier, I am sleeping an hour and half more on average. Its nice to be home.