I have completed the layout for the new site. I need to clean it up, validate it, optimize it, attach a backend, port my existing entries and then upload it to the server. I don’t think I will be blogging much in the mean time.

I really wish people who write articles for OS News would do basic research before posting to the world.

“On the bottom layer, a daemon needs to be written that deals with hardware in an intelligent manner.” hrm that sounds alot like HAL, I must be wrong.

” Create an all-in-one applet that configures all your network devices, sets up file sharing, and secures all your documents on the network, along with the usual diagnostic tools such as ping and traceroute.” hrm that sounds alot like gnome-system-tools.

“Second, make an installer system that automatically solves dependencies and makes a way to painlessly maintain them later on.” Well gee that really sounds like Debian and APT, again I must be making this software up.

“We have GNOME, and then we have KDE. Neither really plays all that nice with each other.” Freedesktop.org.

“In other words, when a KDE app is run in GNOME, it should act and behave like a GNOME app and vice versa. This means running the same widgets and using the same Open/Save and Font dialogs. … I’m sure this can be done.” Oh yea switching between programming languages (one OO and the other not) as well as graphical toolkits at runtime should be a piece of cake.

Now that this person has decided to write this article inevitably an inexperienced person will read it and believe it. Yet more FUD has been passed around the community. I am all for freedom of speech and expressing one’s own opinions but ignorance of a topic you purport yourself to be an expert in is not acceptable.