So I started to wonder why I stopped getting comments a while back. I remembered hearing a few things about comments being broken and had never tried it until today. Sure enough when I tried to add a comment today it didn’t work. I wonder how long it had been that way.

Then I realized that my photos never seemed to show up correctly on Planet Olin. After digging around a bit I realized it’s because my blog was trying to be smart and prevent bandwidth usage from external sites. However since I am with Dreamhost, bandwidth isn’t a big deal so I turned that off. Now everyone should be able to see my images.

Finally it came to my attention that my xanga page was a totally mess. Apparently I had many, many duplicate posts. Alas. I hopefully have now fixed that too.

Then to be a good boy, I updated my wordpress to the latest security release this afternoon only to find out that they released another update tonight. I guess I will start working on that next.

Enjoy the new fixes.