So I really should be better about updating my blog. Enough said there.

I had my first performance review at work on Friday. It was good to hear feedback as well as give it. I have a few things to work on over the next few months but for the most part it was a glowing review. I enjoy the fact that employee feedback is such an integrated part of the company culture. It’s time consuming but totally worth it.

Today I am volunteering at the Graduate student orientation. Polina was a co-organizer, I am just the manual labor.

And finally Apple. GAH. So I didn’t realize until today that Apple prevents you from copying music off your iPod onto an authorized computer if it wasn’t purchased from the iTunes store. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I read on Slashdot that they have now added a cryptographic key to the iTunes database such that Linux can no longer upload music onto the iPod. Great. All of my personal music collection is in Linux and it’s now entirely unaccessible to my portable devices. Thanks guys you really rock.

Additionally I have hit a road block on implementing a filesystem driver for Linux on the iPhone. It turns out that it uses SSL to encrypt a critical part of the communication making impossible to determine what it’s saying. I am not sure what I am going to do about that.

And one more last annoyance about Apple. Why can’t I manually sync songs (you know good ole drag and drop) on to my iPhone in iTunes (like EVERY OTHER iPod)? Right now Apple is not on my good side (also where is my $100 check).