This week has been a bit crazy. Yesterday I spent about five hours troubleshooting my desktop. It had been really unstable and I couldn’t figure out why. I happened to look in the BIOS and realized that the processor was running way too hot. However, I didn’t see that before because I hadn’t been able to get lm-sensors running in Linux. Luckily there appears to be no permanent damage to the CPU as I have been running distcc straight since last night and everything is perfectly stable. The temperatures are also nominal. Moving the computer away from the heater helped (who would have thought) as well as getting a slightly higher speed CPU fan.

Since I had to spend so much time troubleshooting I pushed alot of my school work off. I am proud to say that through extra effort today I was able to catch up on almost all of it. Now I just have to work on my Indenpendent Study tomorrow, which should be fun. After looking at Subethera I learned a few things about a possible implementation. I have to talk over some problems with my independent study advisor tomorrow. Off to bed as class starts bright an early tomorrow morning.

I really should get some photos this weekend….