Well its been about two weeks since I last made an entry. As you may have guessed life has been somewhat hectic. I sold my old car, I was sad to see it go (I still have the plates hanging on my wall). I then packed up all my stuff and drove in my new car to Olin. I had a few troubles with my car battery connection which seemed to be resolved now that I have a new battery.

After getting to Olin it took about a week to get my room unpacked and settled in. My suite is totally awesome and I am so thankful for such a great group of guys. The first weekend back we had two dances and too many parties to count. It was nice just floating from one event to another catching up with old friends.

This past weekend I DJ’d (if you can call setting up a playlist being a DJ) for the 4N senior girls suite. Again had fun dancing and chillin with people. Saturday I went to the beach and had a blast just laying in the sun. Sunday I pretty much got my life together and had fun going to the Pearl art store in Cambridge for my Wellesley 2D Design class. If you love art and are in Cambridge you should check it out.

That’s pretty much is what has been happening up until today. Since this is the first semi-normal week of school I am now actually having to start to work. But before I started to work for real, I decided I would play with O, Snap late last night and early this morning. It now has some totally sweet javascript effects going on as well as links to all the back photos. Go check it out.