I am waiting for my dvd copy to finish so that I can watch this movie tomorrow and my brother can return it to the store. I wish I had had the time to watch it earlier but I got into a really long conversation with my dad. Looing back, I think the conversation was a much more valuable use of my time.

I didn’t get too much done today. I tinkered with the site a bit and realized that the IE rendition of the page is absolutely horrible. I hope that I will be able to work that out a bit. I did purchased my cellphone, the Nokia 6820 from AT&T wireless. I also finally got my pictures ordered from snapfish and they should be ready for my pickup tomorrow afternoon. You used to not be able to pick the photos up and had pay an additional $8 for shipping. I am going to give the pickup up thing a shot, the store is kinda far away but I am trying to save money.

Almost forgot, I ended up going shopping with my brother today. We tried to go to a thrift store that didn’t exist, stupid google. We ended up at Hechts and PacSun. I might design some of my own t-shirts or find some at Cafe Press. We made a quick stop at the Pontiac dealer to pickup to plastic lugnut caps, which costed entirely too much ($2 a piece). I put the cup holder back in the car that I thought I repaired but the piece broke again as I was putting it back in. No dice there. Oh well it is time to go to sleep for tonight.