I am horrible at updating people as to what I have been doing. I apologize. It feels like I live under more of a rock out here in San Francisco (no I don’t mean on The Rock) than at Olin.

Luckily not much changes here. Get up. Read Mail. Breakfast. Shower. Read RSS. Check Flagr. Read bugs. Fix bugs. Lunch. Go to Safeway. Code. Run. Shower. Dinner. Code. Sleep. Rinse and repeat. On Thursdays we all head down to the Y Combinator and chill with the other WFP teams, they are a great bunch of guys.

Last week we had angel day at the Y Combinator. It is basically the final presentation of Flagr in front of a room full of investors. They ranged from individual angels to high profile venture capital firms. I am happy with the presentation that we gave which is all that I can ask for. In general being out in San Francisco has been a great experience and I am kind of sad that it is coming to an end so quickly.

I definitely like the Bay area. While it could be warmer, it will do. I have never visited a place like it before. It really is the mecca of tech.

While I should get back to improving Flagr. Check out our new features.