I went running for fourty-five minutes today. It was great. I was hot and sweaty. Then I went to the 711 and got a slurpee. I know that you aren’t suppose to do that, but I figure breaking the rule occasionally is okay. That was the best slurpee I have had in a long time.

I also got some stuff accomplished at NOTE. We still have two more computers to finish so that we can give them out to families. However the computers seem to be consipiring against me as I have gotten two different computers almost completely finish when they decide to stop functioning completely. Hopefully this trend will turn around.

This semester’s slideshow is looking great. How I miss doing design and art related items on the computers. I got a chance to do a web mockup for a project that I am working on and it brought back the good old days when I had time to design cool looking items. Ahh well, time for sleep.