So I got a chance to go to Rock the Bells in San Francisco. The real reason I ended up paying the absurd ticket price (thank you ticketmaster) is that I really wanted to see Rage Against the Machine. I have always wanted to see them and missed going (read:my parents wouldn’t let me go) to the HFSfestival (my childhood radio station’s festival (which is now defunct) the year they played. Therefore I was really sad when the band broke up but I hadn’t yet seen them.

However that all changed this summer. The band announced they were getting back together (Audioslave realized they sucked and Zack de la Rocha found out that his single career wasn’t going anywhere). All I can say is thank goodness they got back together. Their energy and stage presence is unrivaled. The energy in the pit when they played their first song was unreal. It was the best pit that I have ever been in and I will always remember it. In short, I had a fantastic time at the concert.

The interesting thing about the day is that it got me thinking about my country again. Every performer bad mouthed pretty much everything about the current administration (which I pretty much agree with). However putting that aside I thought, what could I do to create change?  I decided that it made sense to let the people in power know that I disagree with their positions and then to encourage others (who feel similarly) to express their frustrations as well.

So I encourage you, if you disagree with how our country is being run, let the powers that be know. Tell congress: don’t fail freedom. If you do sign happen to sign this petition, I encourage you to pass it around.