It has been a while since I made a personal post, probably due to the perfect storm of events that occurred two weeks ago. I took a red eye flight back on a Monday, I got sick on the Sunday before that (and have really only gotten over it yesterday) and my ankle has been much slower to return to normal than I had hoped.

As part of my trip to California I had to get an extension for a paper I was working on which was good in that I didn’t have to think about it while in California but bad in the fact that I had to finish it on top of my normal workload on top of being sick. Fortunately that sadness is now mostly over. My work is down to a manageable size and my cold has finally passed but I am still waiting on the ankle.

In other news, this past Friday was the half way point of the semester, only 33 days of class left to go (yes, I calculated it in Python). Some think that is fast. I happen to think it is an eternity at the rate that days seem to be progressing. I guess it’s the fact that I really have no motivation to work on anything other than SCOPE (which happens to be interesting programming) and applying for jobs (which will make me money at some point). Other than that it is hard to bring myself to work. I wonder if it’s just senior slump?