Well I have been doing a poor job of attempting to post everyday but all I can do is continue to try. What I really need is a specific chunk of time set aside in my schedule which would allow me to write an entry. A few exciting things have happened since I last posted.

Monday night my intramural soccer team (which I am the proud captain of) finally beat a Babson team. The score was high (like 8-7) and it went into over time. Luckily we had an amazing shot 10 seconds into overtime, so the overtime itself was painless. After the game I hurried back to get ready for dinner. Lara and I went out to Red Sauce for Valentines. Red Sauce is a really good italian restaurant and there was almost no one there. I have to go back there sometime.

Tuesday not much exciting happened.

Wednesday I went to Linux World in Boston. I even got a chance to pick up a gnome 2.9.91 CD with my splash screen on it. I was really excited. I also got some other free goodies. I came back and then had lunch with someone explaining the extreme blue program which sounds really awesome. I can’t wait for next summer. I ordered Dominos in for dinner which was nice and got HL-2 from my parents for my birthday!

Today I went to class and then went to track which was pretty fun. There is not much going on tonight except project work. Hopefully I will be productive.