So work on the iPhone driver has been stalled a bit. I took a serious look at getting around the SSL encryption but wasn’t able to easily bypass it. Basically the next stage involves determining what is transmitted across the SSL connection that iTunes and the iPhone create. Until that is accomplished no progress can be made on an iPhone driver for Linux.

I have a couple ideas left to try but I am not hopeful about their success. However in the mean time a few others have stepped forward and offered to help in the development. They are attempting to get the information in other ways so I am hopeful that someone will find out what exactly is going on. Once we get passed this stage we can proceed to the interesting part of the project.


The last few weeks have been busy at work. There is always more stuff to get done then can be done but we have been coming pretty close to meeting our goals. Additionally the process changes that I helped shape/put in place are starting to pay off which feels good. We also have a pretty interesting project coming up in a couple of weeks that will push our technology to its limits (which is exciting to see). Finally, we are going to be on NPR in the coming week. I am not sure in what format or show but I’ll post about it when I know more.


And one last thing, today I went on a bike ride with Zach through Golden Gate park over to Rt.1. All I can say is wow, it was a truly awesome day for cycling and I really do love being by the ocean.