Getting an MJPEG stream from ADT CCTV cameras

It turns out that the previous owner of our house had several ADT NV214A video encoders installed to digitize the CCTV system. At first, I thought they’d end up being totally useless as the documentation online is pretty minimal and there was a password set from the previous ADT installation.

Luckily with a bit of digging, I was able to find this thread, which helpfully pointed out that you can reset the cameras by “Using a pin or paper clip, press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds when the power light is flashing”.

So after a couple tries, I was able to reset the device which then opened up http://<ip address>/img/video.asf and yielded an MPEG-4 stream. The manual also mentioned it had MJPEG support as well. After a couple guesses I successfully found http://<ip address>/img/video.mjpeg.

Hopefully this helps you on your quest to open up your ADT cameras.

SmarterMeter v0.4.0 Released

This is a pretty major update as two significant things have changed relating to SmarterMeter. First Google PowerMeter no longer exists, therefore SmarterMeter now supports Pachube. Second, PG&E changed their web data service to OPower, which is admittely much better but also different which required a rewrite of parts of SmarterMeter.

One thing I am excited about with the change to OPower, is that a universal format (ESPI) for power data is emerging and SmarterMeter supports it. It doesn’t do everything I want yet but it’s an exciting development none the less. Now if only OPower/PG&E provided an OAuth authentication mechanism to access the data, then SmarterMeter would be truly unnecessary.

Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to update the GUI version of SmarterMeter so this release is only available via the rubygem.

SmarterMeter and Google PowerMeter Part Ways

Earlier this year at Google IO, Google announced that Google PowerMeter would be retired but they didn’t give many specifics. They’ve now followed up with details including a clear date when the service will be shutoff, Sept. 16, 2011. You can find the full list of reasons why the project was discontinued on the Google Blog

While this is unfortunate, SmarterMeter is able to migrate to another service as it keeps a copy of all your power data before it was uploaded to Google.

This means in the near future that SmarterMeter will need to switch to a new service for it’s graphing interface. I’ve heard of pachube but I’m wondering if there are other solutions worth looking at. Suggestions and/or volunteers are appreciated.

SmarterMeter v0.3.3 Released

This is just a small update with two important bugfixes. The first bug prevented data from being sent to Google PowerMeter correctly and the second prevent exceptions from being appropriately handled.

I strongly suggest you update. Also I wanted to say a quick thanks to kruton who found and fixed the PowerMeter issue.

SmarterMeter v0.3.2 Released

Today I released SmarterMeter v0.3.2, which contained several small but important bug fixes. So upgrade when you get a chance.

If you’re technically enclined you can also now use SmarterMeter to calculate your carbon footprint resulting from your electricity usage through the Brighter Planet API. See the documentation for a complete example.